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Tips to Care For Your Ortho-K Lenses

Caring for your Ortho-K lenses is crucial to maximize the benefits of this vision treatment and avoid complications. Here are 5 handy tips for safe and effective lens care:

1. Cleaning:

  • Use a specialized cleaning solution provided by your optometry team.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling lenses.
  • Gently massage the cleaning solution on both surfaces for at least one minute.

2. Rinsing:

  • Thoroughly rinse off the cleaning solution using a sterile saline solution.
  • Ensure no residue remains to prevent eye irritation.

3. Storing:

  • Fill the case with a soaking solution after cleaning the lenses.
  • Air dry the case after each use in a clean, non-irritating environment.
  • Replace the case every 2-3 months for optimal cleanliness.

4. Insertion and Removal:

  • Wear Ortho-K lenses while asleep to reshape the cornea.
  • Follow the cleaning and storing steps upon waking up for evening wear.
  • Avoid wearing lenses for extended periods while awake to prevent discomfort.

5. Follow-Up Visits:

  • Your optometry team will monitor your eye health with follow-up appointments.
  • Regular eye exams every 6-12 months ensure the lenses are effective and your eyes remain healthy.

By following these simple yet crucial tips, you can maintain your Ortho-K lenses effectively, ensuring optimal vision correction and eye health.

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