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Comprehensive Eye Examination

Why should I get my eye examined?

Sight is one of the most important senses one needs to have. Just like a Computer Processing Unit, it is responsible for receiving information, sending it to the brain, and processing the visual image. A “faulty” system will hinder our ability to see. 


We often hear people saying “I don’t need to go to the optical shop because I have perfect eyesight!”. Some eye diseases such as Glaucoma has no early symptom and one might still have the “perfect eyesight”, only to find out the disease at a later stage or blindness occur.

Where should I go to get my eye check up?

There is a common misconception that optical shops sell glasses only and you should go to a doctor if you experience any eye problem. 

This is not true for professional optometry practice fully equipped with ocular diagnostic medical equipment. Our Optometrists are your Primary Eye Care Physicians.


When shoud I do an eye examination?

We encourage healthy and high-risk individuals to have their Comprehensive Eye Examination once every 2 years and 1 year respectively. Our Optometrists are trained to diagnose, monitor, and treat eye diseases that do not require medical intervention by an Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor), and if need to, we will do the appropriate referral for timely medical treatment. You should see an Optometrist first if you have any eye problems.

What does a Comprehensive Eye Examination include?

Visual Acuity

Clinically rating the ability to see details


Diagnose the degree of your eyes

Slit Lamp

Screening for cataracts, cornea injuries/infections/diseases, glaucoma, high cholesterol

Fundus Photography

Screening for retinal diseases, glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, age-related retinal degeneration

Eye Pressure

Screening for glaucoma, hypertension

Central and Peripheral vision checks

Screening for eye diseases related to central or side vision loss

Ocular Nerves and Muscles functional checks

Detect neurological diseases, paralysis of eye muscles, nerve damage, double vision

Colour Vision check

Diagnose colour vision deficiency, functional check for retinal diseases