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What is blue light and why does it matter?

Blue light lenses

Blue light is visible light with wave length between 380-500nm. The light is perceived as blue in colour but can also be present in light perceived as white or other colours. We are exposed to blue light on a daily basis as it comes from many sources. The biggest emitter of blue light is the sun. Other sources include the LEDs which we can find in our smartphones, computers and televisions.

Exposure to blue light has been shown to improve mood and alertness. On the other hand, prolonged exposure, especially during night time will affect our sleep. There is no evidence that suggests that blue light has harmful effects on our eyes. 

Today, our society is becoming more digitally inclined. Most of us are exposed to computers and mobile phones on a daily basis. Blue light lenses have made its way into the market as a method to reduce the amount of blue light we are exposed to.

The lenses help to reduce eyestrain as well as headaches from staring at our devices for long periods of time. They work by using a special coating that absorbs and blocks certain amount of blue light from entering our eyes. 

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