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Children Eye Examination

What is the difference?

In Singapore, eye examinations for children below 7 years old can only be performed by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor). Opticians are not trained to conduct a children’s eye examination. Book an appointment to see our Optometrist for your child’s eye examination now.

Why is it important?

  1. Early detection of eye or vision-related issues increases the treatment success rate.
  2. Undetected and untreated eye or vision-related issues impede children’s academic learning ability.
  3. Undetected children’s eye diseases can lead to irreversible blindness that will affect their quality of life

What we do in a Children Eye Examination?

Our Optometrists will assess the whole ocular systems, which includes the vision, nerve & muscle functioning status and eye coordination status. 

Visual Acuity

Examines how well the child sees. This is also the only test performed in all school vision screening. Hence, it is insufficient to detect mild to moderate eye related issues.

Subjective/Objective Refraction

Thorough analysis of the actual refractive status of the eye. This will determine if the child has myopia, hyperopia and or astigmatism.

3D Vision Assessment

Using a special diagnostic tool, Stereo Chart, to measure 3D (Depth Perception) ability. The ability to judge distance is important for one’s daily functioning.

Detailed consultation

At the end of the examination, our Optometrists will share with you and your child on the results and offer appropriate solutions so you could make an informed decision.

Computer Eye Assessment

Using a diagnostic equipment to estimate the refractive status of the eye.

Binocular Vision Assessment

Using several clinical procedures to assess the eye coordination status. The failure for the eye to work as a team can result in double vision and lazy eye, which have life long implication.

Colour Vision Assessment

Early diagnosis of colour vision deficiency allow you and your child to understand and go through proper counselling on their future plan in academic and career. Unfortunately, colour vision deficiency is non-curable. However, with appropriate advices, one can still lead a normal life with great career opportunities.