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The Cost of Ortho-K Lenses

The initial assessment to determine your child’s suitability for ortho-k may not incur lens ordering costs. However, once the lens fitting process begins, you’ll be responsible for the optometrist’s time and the lenses themselves.

Due to the need for multiple visits at the outset, upfront costs may be higher compared to standard daily wear soft contact lenses. However, once a successful lens fit is achieved, ongoing visits typically align with those for daily wear soft contact lenses, recommended every 6 months for children.

While success is generally expected if your child is deemed suitable for ortho-k, there’s always a possibility that it may not work for reasons that cannot be predetermined.

Considering this, it’s advisable to inquire about potential reimbursement for costs in the event that ortho-k proves unsuccessful for your child before commencing the lens fitting process.

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