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How to Fit Your Child with Ortho-K

The process of fitting ortho-k lenses is similar for children and adults. Initially, their eye prescription and corneal shape profile are measured to determine suitability for ortho-k.

Prior to wearing the lenses, your child will receive instructions on how to insert and remove them, as well as the necessary care steps. Research indicates that children quickly become proficient at handling contact lenses, typically taking only slightly longer than teenagers to learn.

Once your child feels comfortable handling ortho-k lenses, overnight wear will commence, usually for just one night initially. Corneal topography measurements are then repeated the following morning.

During follow-up appointments, refraction and corneal topography are re-measured to compare against previous readings, assessing the extent of corneal flattening.

Assuming all progresses well, overnight wear continues, with adjustments to the ortho-k lens design made as needed if the changes in eye shape deviate from expectations.

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