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Ortho-K: Sleeping in Contact Lenses Safely

Discover the convenience of clear vision throughout the day with contact lenses that work while you sleep. Orthokeratology, commonly known as Ortho-K, offers a well-established treatment plan for vision correction, providing the freedom from glasses or contact lenses during waking hours. Custom-designed rigid contact lenses are worn overnight, and upon removal in the morning, immediate vision improvement is evident.

Ortho-K is suitable for most prescriptions, with a predominant use in children and teenagers to slow the progression of shortsightedness or myopia. Studies indicate its effectiveness, showing up to a 60-80% reduction in progression, positioning it as a leading intervention for managing myopia in younger individuals.

The lenses function by gently reshaping the cornea, the front structure of the eye. This reshaping is temporary and reversible upon discontinuation. When worn consistently, these lenses can serve as an effective treatment over many years.

Parents can rest easily when their child uses Ortho-K

Ortho-k utilizes rigid gas permeable lenses that allow oxygen to reach your child’s eyes so that the eyes remain healthy. Ortho-k lenses safely and effectively work while your child sleeps, temporarily providing clear vision during your child’s waking hours, and slowing the progression of myopia.

As long as your child handles the lenses according to the instructions of our optometrist and observes hygiene protocols when using them (washing hands first, using only the designated solutions to clean and rinse the lenses, etc.), ortho-k lenses can be safely used.

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