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Eye examination provides the assurance of our eye health status and it is an integral part of our life. A good vision requires the proper functioning of the ocular system that involves searching, detecting, and transmitting of information. The ocular system deteriorates as one ages, just like a car engine. Understanding our eye functioning status raises the awareness to a faulty ocular system.

Eyecare 24/7 is committed to provide the following professional services:

Test Purposes
Visual Acuity How well the eye sees

Determine eyesight Might indicate existance of underlying conditions
Refraction Diagnose degrees of the eye

Might indicate existence of underlying conditions
Slit Lamp

Check the front part of the eye

Detect cataract, infection, signs of high cholesterol, skin cancer and other damages to the eye

Mandantory test for Contact Lens Wearer
Ophthalmoscopy Check the back part of the eye

Detect glaucoma, signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other age related eye diseases
Retinal Imaging Capture image of the back part of the eye

Thorough analysis of the nerves and blood vessels changes

Detect glaucoma, signs of high blood pressure, diabetes, and other age related eye diseases
Pupil reflexes Check the nerve reaction to stimulation

Detect neurological diseases such as paralyse or damage nerves
Ocular Motility Check eye muscles functioning status

Detect double vision, paralyse eye muscles or neurological related diseases
Confrontation Check for sensitivity of side vision

Detect side vision loss, potential glaucoma or retinal detachment
Intraocular pressure Check the eye pressure

Detect glaucoma, high blood pressure
Cover test Check alignment of the eyes

Detect squint, double vision and possible neurological conditions
Colour Vision Check for colour vision deficiencies
Amsler Grid Check the central vision

Detect central vision problems, age related eye diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure
Dry eye Check for severity of dry eye
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