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The scary numbers of Myopia

By 2050, it is anticipated that there will be five million people in Singapore with Myopia. A multi-year research jointly conducted by Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore Eye Research Institute and National University of Singapore has found that children who get myopia at an earlier age are very likely to develop an eye degree that is worse than 500 later in life.

An eye degree that is higher than 500 is classified as high myopia, and one faces a higher risk of eye complications such as Retinal Detachment, early development of Cataract and Glaucoma, and other Myopic Maculopathy than an individual without myopia. The risk factor increases up to 40 times for a person whose myopia is higher than 600 degrees!


What can we do?


Active participation in outdoor activities has been proven to slow down the myopia progression. However, is this enough?

There are other alternatives using specialised contact lenses (Hard or Soft lens) to slow down myopia progression. More information can be found in “Our Services” drop list.

Different types of contact lenses such as Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) and MiSight 1 Day Contact Lenses have shown around 80% success rate in slowing down myopia progression. Studies have demonstrated that the earlier the children start on myopia control programme, the higher the effectiveness of these programmes.

At Eyecare 24/7, we customise children myopia control programme based on their age, eye condition, lifestyle, and risk factors.


Is the programme safe for my child?

Ortho-K and MiSight Contact Lenses are medical devices, so it is important that you look for trained Optometrists.

A comprehensive eye examination and contact lenses fitting will be done to ensure that one is suitable for these contact lenses. While no harmful health risk to your eyes are anticipated from these devices, as with any contact lens, there are potential risks of irritation to the eye, infections, or cornea ulcers that can be caused by improper contact lens care.

Most importantly, to ensure the success of the myopia control programme, parental/guardian’s supervision of their child/ward on management of these contact lenses and regular follow-up with our optometrist are crucial.


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