1. Education:

Eyecare 24/7 believes the importance of understanding our Eyes. There are more about the eyes apart from merely understanding the eye degrees. As the common saying goes “Eye is the window to our Soul”. In this case, it is our body health. Through the eye, we are able to detect warning signs and symptoms relating to systemic diseases such as High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. Early detection of these diseases could prevent costlier advance medical interventions.

We emphasise on the need to educate our customers with the smallest details. We want our customers to understand the crucial information. With this knowledge, the customers would be appreciative and stay healthy.

2. Professionalism:

Eye examination is more than just checking the vision. Vision checks do not provide significant advantage in detecting eye or systemic diseases. A thorough eye examination would significantly increase the chances of detecting these conditions.

We emphasise on the need to conduct professional eye examination with our finest skills developed over the years. With this philosophy, our customers will be guaranteed the highest standard of Optometric care.

3. Effort:

We want to be your full-time Eye Care Provider.

We emphasis on the need to provide a evidence-based eye care management plan for every customers. This will require constant updating of knowledge that increase our optometrists’ ability to manage our customer eyes better.