Pinguecula and Pterygium: The two common eye conditions related to prolonged UV-Exposure


Pinguecula is a benign growth on the white tissue of our eyes commonly linked to UV-exposure. It is usually seen as a “yellowish bump”.

A pinguecula may cause dryness in the eye when the bumps prevent the tear film from spreading evenly. You may also experience discomfort or irritation due to foreign body sensation in the eye. Rarely surgical removal is indicated for a Pinguecula unless for cosmetic concerns or due to extreme discomfort.


Pterygium is a fleshy triangular-shaped growth that grows progressively, starting from the white part of your eye ( conjunctival) to your corneal. In extreme cases, it can grow over the pupil and block your vision.

A Pterygium is generally a harmless growth, similar to a Pinguecula, it may cause discomfort and dryness to the eyes. In some cases, it can distort the cornea inducing astigmatism, and also change the refractive power of our eyes. Surgical removal of Pterygium is often indicated due to cosmetic concerns, reduce symptoms of extreme discomfort, preserve vision or prevent vision loss due to the area of growth.

What can I do to halt or prevent the growth of Pinguecula/ Pterygium?

As mentioned earlier, both conditions are commonly linked to long-term exposure of UV-rays. To prevent or slow down the progression of either eye condition, it is encouraged to have UV-protected Spectacle lenses/ Sunglasses/ Visors/ Umbrella etc. You are also highly encouraged to go for regular eye check with your optometrist to monitor the rate of growth of these conditions as well as other eye complications that could arise due to Pinguecula and Pterygium like: Dry Eye Syndrome, Pingueculitis, and vision loss etc.

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