Progressive/Multi-focal Lenses for Presbyopia


Progressive lenses were first introduced into the market in 1959 and since then, there have been tons of new and different types of progressive lenses being made. Each lens comes at a different price point. This depends on a few factors. Namely, usage and comfort. Progressive lens designs have been adapted to better suit your lifestyle. The lens design can be altered based on your requirements. For example, office progressives have a wider intermediate corridor to allow for easier viewing of computer screens. There are different levels of progressive lenses. As the level increases, the viewing comfort of the lenses also increases. This is mainly due to a reduction in peripheral distortion and wider viewing areas.


The standard progressive provides a fairly wide reading and distance area and provide a smooth transition between each. These are the preferred choice for most wearers as they are designed for regular day to day usage.


The premium progressive is a on a higher level as compared to the standard progressive. These lenses take into account the shape of your face as well as the anatomy of your eye. The lenses also have reduced peripheral distortion and a larger distance and reading area. This allow for improved viewing comfort. First-time wearers may also find it easier to adapt to theses as compared to other progressive deigns.


These progressives have been designed specifically for office workers who stare at their computer screens all day. If you are wearing normal progressives, you will have to tilt your head back to view your monitor clearly. With office progressives, they not only allow you to keep your head posture straight, but also help to alleviate fatigue.


There progressives allow for fitting into smaller frames. They have a faster change in power from distance to reading, which causes more peripheral distortion and provide a less stable area for intermediate vision.


To conclude, there are many types of progressive lenses in the market. Each design that I mentioned will vary between lens brands. The most important factor is to choose a lens design that best suits your daily needs and budget. To understand your needs better, contact 62444420 (Punggol) / 65330095 (Chinatown) or email to fix an appointment with our Optometrists.

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